AC and Company
License #B735228  Lead Abatement State Certified   Bonded & Insured

AC and COMPANY  offers the following services 
Multi-Unit/ Commercial Services/ Residential Services.  
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 Multi-Unit Services:
At sixty percent of our business, work in multi-unit residential properties  reflects the early years of the company.

*Building Maintenance: Helping you protect the value of your asset; one call to satisfy the most demanding of building managers.

*Apartment Turn-Overs:
Control the cost of vacancy, and maximize the rental income of your property.

*Multi-Unit Renovation: Minimize repetitive cost and enhance your pride of ownership.

*Code Violation Work: 
We leverage our relationship with City Officials to assist you in avoiding abatement proceedings.
Commercial Construction:  
Our expanding talents and capabilities have team with an expanding market, allowing us the flexibility to provide and affordable service to the commercial sector.

*Retail Stores:
Repair, cosmetic tweaks or complete new facilities.

Repairs, upgrades, new configurations, or full office build-out.

*Hotel Upgrades: 
Repairs, touch ups, or stunning new guest rooms.

Kitchen upgrades, improved dinning area, or turn-key construction. 

Facility Maintenance:  All shades and styles; expedient response and minimal disruption to the real asset, your business.

Residential Services: Business sometimes begins at home, and we remain sensitive to the trepidation and anxiety of homeowners, and their property needs.

* Deferred Maintenance: Leaky faucets to light switches, garbage disposal to broken windows, chipped paint to soiled linoleum.

* Decks and Stairways: Partial repairs, extensions, and elegant new redwood decks.

* Painting, Exterior and              Interior: 
Walls, ceilings, and speciality finishes, pamper yourself and protect your home.

* Major Renovations: 
New surfaces, new configurations, new finishes; a brand new look.

* Additions: Working with your plans and architect; rooms, foundations, and roofs, top to bottom.

* State Certified Lead                Abatement